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1 Kings 8, Psalm 72, Romans 5:10

Last time we talked about setting goals and working hard to achieve them. That takes commitment. What do players do when they’re committed to achieving their goals? (they attend every practice, they arrive early or on-time, they give it their all, they don’t make excuses) Playing on a team requires commitment to the team. What do players do when they’re committed to the team? (they resist the urge to quit, they realize it takes time to have success, they become a supportive and selfless teammate)


And may you commit your lives completely to the Lord our God.
May you live by his rules. May you obey his commands.

1 Kings 8:61a


Have you ever started out excited to do something and then lost your desire to be fully committed? Why is it sometimes hard to stay committed to our goals? Solomon was the son of King David of Israel. Solomon obeyed God and lived by God’s rules because he loved the Lord. When David died, Solomon became king. Solomon wanted to be the best king he could be. He asked God to give him wisdom so he could be good and fair to his people. God was so pleased at this request that not only did God give Solomon wisdom, he also gave him lots of money and power. Solomon built a new temple for God. He was off to a very good start as king. But over time, Solomon slowly lost his desire to live by God’s rules. He got caught up in having all that the world could offer. He began to live for himself and what he wanted instead of living for God and what God wanted. Even though Solomon told his people to commit their lives completely to the Lord, Solomon didn’t actually do it himself. Do you think commitment is important to God? Why?


Solomon had all the best intentions of being a good and fair king who saves people that have no one else to help them. Psalm 72:8 But Solomon fell short. He didn’t stay committed to God. Sometimes we are like Solomon. We get caught up in living for ourselves instead of living for God. How does God respond when we fall short on our commitment to him? He loves us no matter what. God is good and merciful. He saved us when no one else could help us. God sent his son, Jesus, to live a life completely committed to God for us. Then Jesus gave up his own life to bring us back to our Heavenly Father. Romans 5:10 Jesus truly is the good and fair king who saves people.




Heavenly Father, thank you for Jesus and his commitment to you for us. This season, help us think about how we can follow him by being committed to you, our family, our team, and our goals. When we fall short, help us ask forgiveness and thank you for your mercy. Amen.

Why Use Team Sports Devotions?


Engage players with a relatable story or question.
Encourage them to ponder the Bible verse and what it would look like on the court/field or in their daily life.
Challenge players to take action demonstrating their faith in real ways.
Use the prayer suggestion, your own prayer, or ask for a volunteer to pray to close the devotion.



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