The Lord’s Prayer: Lord, Teach Us To Pray

The Lord’s Prayer • Lord, Teach Us To Pray

“Lord, teach us to pray,” was the request of one of Jesus’ disciples. Jesus responded with what we call the Lord’s Prayer. This perfect prayer is meant to shape our hearts to be like God’s heart. It helps us see and want the things God wants. When we pray like Jesus taught us, we become more aware of our relationship with him. We are able to grow our affections toward our heavenly dad. This season, players will explore this prayer tradition and understand how praying like Jesus can lead to a stronger connection with our father in heaven.

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Boys Baseball/Girls Softball • Elementary
Kindergarten through 5th grade complete with two versions: boys baseball and girls softball.

Boys Baseball/Girls Softball • Middle & High School
6th through 12th grade complete with two versions: boys baseball and girls softball.

Girls Volleyball • Elementary
Kindergarten through 5th grade.

Girls Volleyball • Middle & High School
6th through 12th grade.

Football • Elementary
Kindergarten through 5th grade.

Football • Middle & High School
6th through 12th grade.


Love For God and the Game • God Is Close To Us • Psalm 145:18
Together Everyone Achieves More • Lord, Teach Us To Pray • Luke 11:1
There Is No “I” in “Team” • How Not To Pray • Romans 8:15-17
Our Father: An Adoption Story • Our Father In Heaven • Matthew 6:9
A Humble Approach • Holy Is Your Name • Matthew 6:9
The Very Best Coach • Your Kingdom Come • Matthew 6:10a
The Official’s Call • Your Will Be Done • Matthew 6:10a
A Perfect Game • On Earth As It Is In Heaven • Matthew 6:10b
Trust Your Teammate • Give Us Today Our Daily Bread • Matthew 6:11
One Play At a Time • And Forgive Us Our Sins • Matthew 6:12a
Resolving Team Conflict • Just As We Have Forgiven Those Who Sin Against Us • Matthew 6:12b
A Way Out • Keep Us From Sinning When We Are Tempted • Matthew 6:13a
True Or False Thinking • Save Us From the Evil One • Matthew 6:13b
Hall of Fame • For Yours Is the Kingdom, the Power, and the Glory For Ever and Ever • Revelation 4:11
Ready, Break! • Amen • 1 Chronicles 16:36 • Salvation Prayer


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Why Use Team Sports Devotions?


Engage players with a relatable story or question.
Encourage them to ponder the Bible verse and what it would look like on the court/field or in their daily life.
Challenge players to take action demonstrating their faith in real ways.
Use the prayer suggestion, your own prayer, or ask for a volunteer to pray to close the devotion.



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I coach middle school basketball and cannot begin to thank you enough for these devotions. They are very well done. You have the right mix of current basketball players and history that draws the boys into the discussion from the beginning, and then you make it very relatable to the scriptures. READ MORE

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