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Acts 3:19b

Why rebound? Rebounds help our team win more games. When you get an offensive rebound, you get extra shots and free throw opportunities. When you get a defensive rebound, you limit the offense to just one shot. Who should rebound? Every player should work on becoming a great rebounder. You don’t need to be the tallest player, you just need to have hustle and determination. Even when you miss a shot, don’t let it get you down. Go after the ball and make the most of your next chance to score.


Come back to God, and he will forgive your sins. 
Acts 3:19b


God loves it when we respect him for his greatness and thank him for his goodness. Isaiah 43:7 It makes God happy when we show him love by caring for each other. Matthew 22:37-40 It’s like making a big score. But sadly, we don’t always think about God first. We don’t always care for each other. Sometimes we care more about getting what we want than we care about doing what God wants. It’s like missing the goal. How do you feel when you see a person treat someone badly so they can get their own way? (angry, sad) How do you feel when you do something unloving to get your own way? (ashamed, guilty) This is the Holy Spirit reminding us that we are turning away from God and missing the goal. God wants us to rebound and come back to him so he can forgive us when we are sorry for what we’ve done.


When you turn away from God to get your own way, how can you rebound?

•In an honest way, say you’re sorry. James 5:16 When you apologize to someone and mean it, you will feel better. You might even become better friends with them.

•Talk to God. In an honest way, ask him to forgive you. Remember that God loves you and is always willing to forgive. He welcomes you back with a big hug. Luke 15:11-32

•Do what you can to make things right. In the Bible, Zacchaeus had stolen money from people, but when he met Jesus, he decided to give back four times the amount he took. Luke 19:1-10
•Make the most of the next chance to score. Respect God’s greatness and thank him for his goodness. We will always be tempted to do what we want first. Ask God for help to think of what he wants first. When we are at our weakest, God’s power is at its strongest. 2 Corinthians 12:9




Heavenly Father, when we mess up and miss the goal of glorifying you, help us rebound.
Help us remember your great love for us and take action to come back to you. Amen.

Why Use Team Sports Devotions?


Engage players with a relatable story or question.
Encourage them to ponder the Bible verse and what it would look like on the court/field or in their daily life.
Challenge players to take action demonstrating their faith in real ways.
Use the prayer suggestion, your own prayer, or ask for a volunteer to pray to close the devotion.



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